Precautions when working with minors

One of the suggested activities of the Students Ambassador programme includes the possibility of sending postcards to politicians. The following precautions are necessary:
Minors should not include data that allows their identification; therefore, we recommend to only include their first name and age.

Videos and photographs

Before uploading photos or videos with minors in them, the written permission of the legal guardian of the minor is required.


Teachers, students and refugees/migrants taking part in the activities of CHANGE are not part of the ordinary structure of JRS, and therefore any of the activities they organize are in their own name.
Only students 12-years and older can become Student Ambassadors. These groups are not part of the ordinary structure of JRS, and therefore the activities they organize are under their own responsibility and the responsibility of the centres.
In case of groups that want to make public their experience through texts, photographs and/or videos, have to do it having in mind that they cannot reveal the identity of the minors, in case they appear in the visual materials.
This website does not store personal data of children participating in CHANGE. The objective of this website and of future applications is the coordination of the work done from CHANGE.